Q. What type of event would benefit from having a Shutter Clutter Photo Booth?
Almost any! Anytime you get a group of fun loving people together, a photo booth greatly adds to the excitement and their enjoyment of the event. Photo booths are very popular at: • Weddings • Corporate Events • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • School Dances • Store Openings • Charity Events • Proms • Sweet 16's • Class Reunions • Anniversary Parties
Q. Will your booth fit at my event and how big is it?
The answer is YES. Our photo booth is completely portable. It can be taken up stairs, elevators, and placed about anywhere you need it. It is 5’ long, 42" wide and just over 6’ tall. Included are two tables (2'x4') used for your guests to create their memory book pages.
Q. Can you accommodate an outdoor event?
Yes, provided it sits on a hard surface with an overhead cover out of the elements.
Q. Will someone be there to help?
Yes. A full-time attendant (somtimes two) will be there to assist your guests with the booth and scrapbook during the event.
Q. How does the photo booth work?
Walk in, press the lighted start button and have fun! Normally configured, three consecutive pictures will be taken 10 seconds apart. Your photo-strips are printed within a few seconds after exiting the booth.
Q. How many photos do we get and what is the picture quality?
UNLIMITED photo sessions! Your guests may go through the photo booth as many times as they like. All photos are digital high quality color prints. Black & white prints may be ordered upon request. Customized information, logos, event name, date etc. can be printed on all photo-strips.
Q. Does the photo booth provide keepsake pictures for guests and Internet Web access?
Q. How many people can fit inside?
YES! Each time your guests use the photo booth; two identical Photo-strips are printed. Guests can choose to keep both or include one in your memory scrapbook. With the photo booth, your guest will be creating the favors themselves, as many as they like, and have a great time doing it.
In addition, individual photographs taken at your event are displayed in the Gallery secon of our website for 90 days. Guests receive a Gallery password (located on back of souvenir photo) that enables them to enjoy and purchase if they wish, photos & picture gifts related to your event.
Depends on how “adventurous” you are! Our booth is built wider then most and will accept 6 easy. YEP!!! The booth instills the spirit of fun and adventure like you’ve never seen.
We provide the Memory Scrapbook Keepsake. Our photo booth attendant will have a table set up with writing and cutting tools. They will assist your guests, as needed, with posting one or more photos onto your memory scrapbook page. Your guests can then inscribe a personal message to you along side their photos. It's great casual fun and will be both hysterical and heartwarming to look back on years from now. Many people prefer this over the traditional guest book. In addition, you will also receive a high resolution CD and 90 day Web access of ALL photos taken during the event.
Q. Can I book extra hours?
Based on the event, we would suggest you let your guests know where the booth is located and that it is available to them at no cost. Easy and creative ways to do this are: • Provide a note or picture stand at the table place setting. • Offer a empty picture frame, (for them to fill), key chain or specialized logo as a gift. • MC or DJ announcements. NOTE- We can provide picture stands, magnetic holders, key chains etc.
Absolutely! You can book additional time at a fixed per/hour fee. We are happy to add an hour or two on-site without notice if you would like us to continue service at your event longer than previously arranged. You may also book by-the-hour, see price package "B".
The set-up and tear down is all inclusive with the price. A travel fee may apply depending on where your event is located.
Q. I'm sold! How do I book my ShutterClutter event?
Q. What is needed to reserve a photo booth?
A completed Rental Agreement form plus a non-refundable deposit secures your date.
Q. Is there a "Prop-Box"?
Your guests will have fun with our "Prop-Box" which includes disguises, boas, funny hats etc. Note- there is an additional charge for this service.
Q. What is the Memory Scrapbook Keepsake and how does it work?
Q. Do you charge a set up and delivery fee?
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